The Mobile 018VIP® service

Ever been out-and-about and need a hand to find a business, person or place? Like the idea of a PA at the end of the phone?

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Well the Mobile 018VIP® might be just the ticket.

We're at the end of the phone to search the internet when you can't: to make bookings, check movie times and give you directions from A to B.

And best of all there's no extra cost. Just register your mobile number and you're away laughing.

Our search specialists based in Palmerston North will help with all normal directory enquiries as well as shop opening hours, sports results, weather forecasts and flight times.

What else is included?

There's all the usual stuff you get with 018® PLUS...

  • Personalised greeting — we'll know it's you calling, every time!
  • TextBack — we'll text you the information you've just asked for
  • CallBack — if you've given us a curly one, we won't hold you up. We'll give you a callback as soon as we've cracked it.

The VIP Team

Our Kiwi search specialists have amazing local knowledge. We’re here for you Monday to Friday during business hours. After hours, you’ll go straight to our regular 018® service.

How does 018VIP® work?

When you register your mobile number, we'll know it's you and scoot your call straight to the VIP team.

What does 018VIP® cost?

There's no extra cost — it's the same as the regular 018® service.

But what's the catch?

No catches. We just get that people calling when they're out and about have different needs so we're here to help.

"The trial was in our opinion a resounding success! The team were so helpful & backed up their diligence with a text for new contact creation or immediate use of the number supplied. It was a real pleasure to be part of something many Kiwis, I'm sure, will thoroughly enjoy."
– Martin (Mobile 018VIP® Customer)